Welcome to the Center for Educational Transformation!

Founded by Dr. Louie Rodriguez, the Center for Educational Transformation (CET) is committed to equity-driven, visionary, and social justice-oriented work that aims to explore, highlight, develop, and learn from region-wide examples of educational policy, practice, and pedagogy for the purposes of serving as a national model for community-engaged research.

CET provides collaborative and participatory research opportunities, professional and community development with the district and partners, hand-on research experiences for students, and, through the dissemination of research reports, blogs, and op-eds, the Center will strive to become a leading local and national voice on the critical issues facing education today.

Our hope is that students, GSOE faculty, and community partners will consider the Center as a platform to collaborate, build, and leverage their collective energy, expertise, and funding opportunities to do the work that matters. We invite you to explore our research team, current projects, and resources.